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Week 01 - Unit 403 Personal & Professional Development (K)



The purpose of this unit is to provide you with an understanding of the different methods and resources available to help plan for personal and professional development.

You will learn how to identify factors that may affect targets or goals, prioritise actions and how feedback from others can be utilised to aid their development and career progression. Then you will be able to develop a plan which can either be used during the process of a course or as a tool for future/ current career path.


Understand personal and professional development.

Learning Objectives

(mapped to learning outcomes/ assessment criteria)

By completing this unit you will:

  • Understand how-to plan for personal and professional development 
  • Understand how people learn 
  • Be able to produce a personal and professional development plan 
  • Be able to make a recommendation for personal and professional development
Note that to achieve these learning outcomes you will need to demonstrate that you meet the assessment criteria detailed in the unit specification.

Presentation Materials

Remember that the presentation contains notes, please read them! (Click on the cog).

Learning Styles and Theory Assessments

Use the links below to take the relevant assessment, if possible ask your peers and colleagues to take part.

Fleming            VARK

Gardner               Multiple Intelligences

Briggs Myers     16 Personality Types
Briggs Myers     Personality Types Descriptions

The Assignment

You can find the assignment for unit 403 below. To download, click the menu button, then Download.

Below you will find additional materials that may help in understanding this topic and completing the assignment. Ensure that you reference any materials that you use.

Submission Deadlines

The assignment for this unit will be given to you on your first day of level 4. Ensure that you read it thoroughly and understand it. Please ask questions to confirm your understanding. 

The deadline for this assignment is Week 46. This is quite long way away. Therefore it would be helpful if you were to complete the report and/ or presentation before your next session. Specific deadlines are below: 

 Tamworth and Birmingham C2B  17/10/14 

Treat this as a way of understanding what working at level 4 means. Ensure that you perform research and produce accurate references that support your report.

Your progress towards completing this will be monitored at regular reviews.

Also please ensure that you ask any questions that you may have, no matter how small.


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