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Week 09 - Unit 428 Systems Analysis and Design L2 (K)



The purpose of this unit is to provide learners with the skills and knowledge needed in order to undertake a systems analysis and design investigations using recognised methodologies.

Learning Objectives and Criteria

(mapped to learning outcomes/ assessment criteria)

By the end of this lesson you will be able to:

3. Be able to perform a systems investigation
3.1 Undertake a systems investigation to meet a business need
Use appropriate systems analysis tools and techniques to carry out a systems investigation
3.3 Create documentation to support a systems investigation
3.4 Evaluate how user and systems requirements have been addressed

Lesson Notes

You can view the board notes made during this lesson by clicking the link below:

Exemplar Systems Analysis

Student Notes

You can find your notes from todays lesson including the MOSCOW validated requirements via the link below:

Assignment - Unit 428