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Week 11 - Unit 402 Systems Development L1 (K)



The purpose of this unit is to provide you with an understanding of the systems development life cycle (SDLC). Using a project approach, we will explore the stages in detail, gathering and analysing customer requirements, designing an IT solution, and planning its testing and implementation. You will identify the various stakeholder perspectives to ensure both that the solution meets the requirements and that the wider implications are considered.

You will develop practical skills in the use of various tools and techniques associated with the various methodologies for systems development.

Learning Objectives

2. Be able to establish customer requirements
2.1 Identify the requirements or business specification of proposed systems
2.2 Obtain information on existing and required inputs, outputs and processes of ICT systems
2.3 Explain an constraints new systems may encounter
2.4 Recommend solutions for customer consideration
2.5 Explain the impact and implications of any changes to customer requirements

4. Understand system implementation procedures
4.4 Describe the conversion issues that may arise during systems implementation
4.7 Describe the typical documentation provided on completion of implementation

5. Be able to produce requirements specifications
5.1 Produce logical design specifications

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U402 - Worksheets

Assignment Overview

Assignment Guidance

Below are two guidance documents that will assist you in completing this assignment. Please ensure that you contact me if you need help.

 Document     Author
 U402 Systems Development - Assignment Guidance Grant Johnson
 402 Assignment Help Nick Jinks

Scenario / Context

You have been employed as a line manager for a software development company. The company has just taken on a new client who is setting up a satellite centre in your area. Their head office is based 100 miles away and they require a new management information system (MIS) to collate the information gathered across all the sites.

You have been tasked to oversee the development of the new software including all liaisons with the company. All works must be completed within the next 3 months.

Task 1

Distinction Criteria: Applied and recorded different types of relevant investigation techniques that are project focussed, in order to obtain sufficient information for planning and development purposes.

Having made contact with the client, use suitable methods to collect all the relevant information needed for the development of the new MIS system. 

Using the outcomes from your investigation, produce a customer requirements report detailing the clients requirements, any constraints identified and suggestions that might improve the quality or costs of the project.

Evidence to be handed in:

  • Customer requirements report

Task 2

Distinction Criteria: A detailed customer specification document has been produced that fully reflects the customer's requirements using the information from Task 1. The document explains the impact of any changes and the implications of system integration, the importance of systems integration. 
  • The design and implementation plan of the new system
  • The logical and physical design
  • Test data to be used, test plans and test logs
  • Any requirements for system changeover
  • Procedures for applying version control to any documentation
  • Policies and procedures that support security
  • Policies and procedures that support data recovery
  • Policies and procedures that support the recording of faults, repairs and maintenance plans
  • Technical documentation that includes the logical and physical design of the system
  • Any recommendations for end user documentation
Using the information gather for Task 1, produce a detailed requirements specification document that reflects the clients needs, including the logical design which must show data processes.

In this document ensure that you explain the :
  • Issues that may arise with file conversion during system implementation
  • Impact and implications that any changes may have on the customers requirements
  • Importance of the role of systems integration within the systems development process (give examples if necessary).
Also include a description of all the documentation that will be provided to the client on completion of the systems implementation.

Evidence to be handed in:

  • Requirements specification document