02 - Understanding Constraints

Project Management TriangleConstraints are functions that can stop you or your organisation from meeting a business objective. We have explored this concept using the project management triangle which describes the relationship between three constraints:
  • TIME
Note that quality is in the middle. Quality is impacted should one of the constraints have a detrimental affect on the work being carried out.

For examples, imagine you are deploying an IT suite of 30 machines. You have a budget of £10,000.00 and four weeks. The work can be done by you. It is possible to work within these constraints, they do not affect the validity and potential success of the project.

Now imagine the the customer comes back to you and says that due to unforeseen circumstances you only have two weeks, instead of four. A constraint has changed. What effect could this have on the other constraints? What could be the potential impact on quality?

There are many more constraints that can affect progress towards an objective, think about your own organisation and try to identify constraints that affect you and the whole business.

Below is a video that details the theory of constraints which should provide more detail:

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