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Week 13 - Unit 402 Systems Development L2 (K)



The purpose of this unit is to provide you with an understanding of the systems development life cycle (SDLC). Using a project approach, we will explore the stages in detail, gathering and analysing customer requirements, designing an IT solution, and planning its testing and implementation. You will identify the various stakeholder perspectives to ensure both that the solution meets the requirements and that the wider implications are considered.

You will develop practical skills in the use of various tools and techniques associated with the various methodologies for systems development.

Learning Objectives

1.1 Outline stages of the systems development life cycle
1.2 Explain the deliverables associated with systems development activities
1.3 Identify the sponsors and stakeholders involved in systems development and review
1.4 Explain the importance  and role of systems integration to systems development process
4.1 Summarise the main stages of system implementation

Presentation Materials

Day Two Presentation


Support Resources


Assignment Guidance

Below are two guidance documents that will assist you in completing this assignment. Please ensure that you contact me if you need help.

 Document     Author
 U402 Systems Development - Assignment Guidance Grant Johnson
 402 Assignment Help Nick Jinks