U408 - Data Communications and Networks


Prerequisite Reading

In preparation for this unit, please read my teaching notes on this unit:


In the presentation below, I provide a brief overview of the specification relating to this unit. You must ensure that you have the required knowledge for all of the areas detailed in RANGE.

Unit 408 - Introduction

This presentation will introduce you to Unit 408 by providing an overview of the unit specification.

Unit 408 - Learning Outcome 1 - Presentation MIX

OSI Model - TCP/IP Protocols

You need to ensure that you have an understanding of the TCP/IP protocol suite and be able to provide examples of protocols. This must be related to the OSI model.

I have embedded a video below that does a great job of investigating the DHCP protocol using a network analyser called WireShark.

Another one below covering Transmission Control Protocol (TCP).

OSI Quizzes

Additional Materials

NetSimK - Activities

NetSimK is a great (and free!) network simulation tool, a bit like Cisco Packet Tracer (not free).

Using this tool you are able to create simple to advanced networks that features LANs, WAN's and interconnecting network equipment. This extends to rich configuration of network equipment. For instance, you are able to create routers that can use dynamic routing protocols such as RIP to define routes between networks.

In the link below you will find a folder of resources. This includes a few guides that will get you started and a link in a notepad document that will take you to the NetSimK website where you will be able to download the software.

If you complete the tasks in the folder below, your trainer will provide you with extension tasks. As you work through all of these tasks ensure that you continually reference the OSI model as it permeates all elements of networking and you will need to explain these links in your exam.