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How to use Harvard Referencing

At level 4 it is required that you make use of referencing in your work. By referencing your work you ensure that you credit the author of a book, journal or website, rather than rewording or copying it. Plagiarism is using other peoples work as your own and is strictly forbidden.

This might seem like quite a negative thing, but think about it. You can use references to support your thoughts and provide meaningful and evidenced thoughts and allow you to perform much more detailed comparisons. 

To learn more watch the video below:

A guide to Harvard Referencing - University of Derby

University of Glasgow - Harvard Referencing Tutorial

Below you will find a really useful tutorial that will show you how to cite and reference using the Harvard style. 

Referencing Styles

As discussed above there are many reference styles. We require you to use Harvard Referencing. This style exists in Microsoft Office 2013+ but not in 2010/ 2007. There are three styles that exist by default including APA. APA is an "in place" style that is similar to Harvard, but it is not the same!

You can import the Harvard style into word using BiBWord, which can be found using the link below. It is very simple, download the style and place it into the relevant folder. The style will then be available.

How to use the referencing tool in Microsoft Word 2013

Courtney Wills -

You can use Word 2013 to easily cite your references and create a bibliography. Watch the video below to learn more.

Referencing Tools

There are a number of additional tools that you can use to support your research. Two great tools are listed below. They allow you to clip websites, obtain information for your resources and store reference materials. I use Zotero when performing research required for the development of your lesson. You can configure these tools to use Harvard Referencing very easily. Please read the relevant help guide for each tool.